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Beachy Media pledges to invest 2% of our gross revenue into our local and global communities.

With these funds, we’ve been able to support an organization that creates exercise programs for cancer patients, aid in raising awareness for arteriovenous malformations, assemble welcome bags for refugee families arriving in the US over the holidays, provide digital marketing materials for a non-profit focusing on health infrastructure in rural Africa, fund an Ugandan orphan’s education and life needs for a year, host a crowdfunded matching campaign for Hurricane Harvey victims with young children, and donate to the Bail Project and Black Lives Matter.

We support our global communities.

Our communications team closely follows current events to identify trends. In doing so, we’re exposed to news stories covering humanitarian crises around the world. We’re committed to approaching these discoveries with active compassion instead of passive consumption.

And we help those close to home, too.

Positive change starts locally. We invest in creative initiatives that profoundly impact communities and kickstart regional development.