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By January 5, 2016Beachy Media

In December 2014, I left my full-time job and took a leap cliff dive of faith. This past year has been a whirlwind of learning experiences, travel, 3am work sessions, and understanding the ins and outs of running a business. That whole “school of hard knocks” is a real place. No joke. 

By mid-2015 I had built a tiny but flourishing business and found my niche in the adventure and sport market. I’ve had the fortune of working with an incredibly supportive roster of clients who have taken on varying degrees of mentorship and guidance in addition to giving my tiny firm a chance to shine (here’s lookin’ at you Dr. Jordan Metzl, Doug and Renata Storer, Mark Mastalir, Tom Daley, Jim Miller, Dolio Kafri, Paul Starkman, Kylee Sallak, Regina Coughenour, Lyndsay Palkon, Lynn Espy, Elisa Mala, and the entire Gustafson Clan).

However, every business needs a plan to scale. As the workload continued to increase, I came to the realization that it’s impossible to maintain 16 hour work days (unless you are Mark Zuckerberg or Beyonce who, I assume, are cyborgs). I began a secret search for a co-founder that complimented my interest in the adventure market while simultaneously offering a graphic design and project management skill set. I put on my Indiana Jones attire and started my search for this Holy Grail of partners (Not the Crystal Skull. That movie was an abomination).

I am pleased to announce that Rachel Cochran, designer and project management extraordinaire, will be signing on as a co-founder of Beachy Media in 2016 as we enter this next chapter of our business. Over the past few months, I have brought Rachel on as a design consultant with a few of my clients. Her artistic sensibility, professionalism, and timely delivery are unparalleled. This girl is the real deal and I’m lucky enough to call her my partner-in-crime.

Sorry Harrison Ford, I handled this one on my own.

Raise a glass to us as we tackle 2016. It’s going to be a helluva year.

Beachy, Co-Founder, Communications


Around December 2012, I started working out with The Most Informal Running Club, Ever and the Rise. I quickly caught wind of this girl named Beachy, by rumor that she was both crazy and talented enough to complete a 100 mile ultramarathon. After the rumors were proven true, I’ve always had my eye out for her.


Alleged birthride of Beachy Media

Some time later, a second rumor emerged that this badass was a college triathlete, yet I could beat her in a cycling race. Spoiler alert: I can (sorry Beach). As we got to know each other through rides and runs, she brought me on board for collaboration. When she whispered that she was looking for a partner, I responded with an overbearing, enthusiastic, and reckless, “yes, I’ll quit my job today!”.

With a goofy grin from ear to ear, I am beyond thrilled to announce the official partnership of Beachy and I and the launch of Beachy Media, a female owned communications and design firm.

The amount of conflicting advice I’ve received about starting a business has just about cancelled itself out, so I’m back to zero and am taking my own advice: always go into business with someone smarter than you are. I’ve been daydreaming about our work and travels this coming year, knowing that all I have to do is say “I challenge you to [fill in the blank]” to Beachy and I can consider it done. I can’t wait to update you all with our travel adventures, our successes and the challenges of growing Beachy Media.

Millions of thanks to our friends and family who have advised and mentored us over the past few months. Cheers to a successful 2016 and hosting meetings on two wheels!


Rachel, Co-Founder, Design

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