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Kinetic is the manufacturer of the R1, the world’s only interactive, direct-drive smart bike trainer that allows your bike to move naturally. The photoshoot was designed to show the ease of training on the R1 in the comfort of your own home.

Kinetic’s line of bike trainers span the gamut in terms of bells and whistles. This visually dark photoshoot was designed to showcase various models at different price points so the consumer could visualize the intensity of training.

Night Tech Gear boasts a full line of clip-on shoe lights to safely illuminate the path for workers, runners, walkers, campers, bikers, hikers, and adventurers. This docu-style shoot was shot during a NYC running group’s fall practice. 

Oiselle is a by-women for-women athletic apparel company that loves to go fast and take chances. The photoshoot features professional runner, Allie Kieffer, sporting the fall line ahead of the New York City Marathon.

Bols Liqueurs is the number one liqueur range worldwide and comprises more than 45 unique flavors, divided into different groups; citrus, orchard, berries, tropical, herbs & botanicals. Their margarita moments campaign focused on spicing up summer with flavored margaritas.

This Aperitivo style Amaro, or bitter, is made from a unique recipe that includes many extracts and infusions of Mediterranean citrus: oranges, bergamots, bitter oranges, chinotto, tangerines and grapefruits. Shot in Central Park, the Galliano L’Aperitivo photoshoot celebrates summer with an Italian-inspired picnic.

Hailing from Amsterdam, with its cheerful bottle and fresh citrus notes, we swear that Damrak is the best DAM gin you’ll find. This photoshoot is a fun nod to Dutch cycling culture with a wink to those famous tulip fields.