Galliano L’Aperitivo

Beachy Media was hired as the digital Agency of Record for Lucas Bols USA to help Galliano L’Aperitivo break into the North American market. The summer campaign strategy combined influencer marketing, email acquisition, and a paid/organic social media strategy. Our campaign focused on the dolce vita, celebrating Italian culture, cuisine, and drinking culture.

With a recipe that reads more like a medieval elixir of herbs, plants, roots, barks, spices and flower seeds. A bottle of Galliano begins its life with the meticulous sorting and quality control of some 30 herbs, spices and plant extracts. This creates a perfectly balanced hand crafted artisanal spirit. To this day the Galliano recipe remains a guarded secret.



Unique Emails Collected


Increase in Instagram Followers


Increase in Faebook Followers


High Profile Liquor Influencer Activations

Our Services

Social Media
  • Content creation, ideation, and execution
  • Paid and organic social media execution on Facebook and Instagram
  • Dark ad strategy on Instagram account
Influencer Marketing
  • Identification of 10 major influencers for Italian L’Aperitivo picnic kit
  • 5 influencers identified for  Instagram takeovers at various food & liquor events
  • Negotiated terms of influencer contracts
  • Optimized giveaways to increase brand’s Instagram followers
Digital Marketing
  • Created an email acquisition campaign on a third party platform
  • Integrated email acquisition campaign into Facebook
  • Winner randomly drawn each month
  • Quarterly consumer-facing e-newsletter
  • Lifestyle photoshoot