Halo Neuroscience

In 2016, Beachy Media was signed as the lead consulting firm for devising an influencer marketing and social media strategy for Halo Neuroscience’s newly launched consumer product, Halo Sport.

Developed from fifteen years of academic research, Neuropriming increases the excitability of motor neurons during athletic training to improve strength, skill, explosiveness, and endurance.

For athletes, every rep counts. Reps are how the brain learns to develop athletic skills and strength. Athletes use Halo Sport to achieve better results from every rep. Similar to a pre-workout meal that improves the body’s response to training, Halo Sport makes training more productive for the brain.

Our Services

Influencer Marketing
  • Seeded 10 Influencers product
  • Negotiated contract deals
  • Developed affiliate programming deals with influencers
Social Media Marketing
  • 60 page social media audit
  • Social media product launch execution
  • Coordination with digital marketing ad buy team