Lumo Run

In 2016, Beachy Media was signed as the lead consulting firm for devising an influencer marketing strategy for Lumo Bodytech’s newly launched running product, Lumo Run. In addition to seeding product to industry influencers, Beachy Media was also responsible for facilitating event activations, consulting on marketing videos, and identifying unique PR opportunities.

Founded in 2011, Lumo Bodytech has developed a technology platform that leverages smart sensors and software to optimize performance and address human biomechanics through real-time tracking of body movement. Launched in August 2016, Lumo Run is a sensor which measures and coaches users on running form.

Our Services

Influencer Marketing
  • Seeded influencer product
  • Signed 5 long-term ambassadors
  • Negotiated terms of influencer contracts for both the client and the contractor
  • Managed professional athlete partnerships
Event Marketing
  • PR team for The Running Event
  • Boston Marathon Activation
  • Dr. Jordan Metzl’s NYC Health Fair