Night Runner Pro

Since their first successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015, Beachy Media has served as Nighthawk Running LLC’s Agency of Record. In March 2017, Beachy Media launched a second crowdfunding campaign under the Nighthawk umbrella for Night Runner PRO. Within 30 days, the campaign raised $32,000 from almost 400 backers.

See More \ Adventure More with Night Runner PRO shoe lights, the second wearable launched by Nighthawk Running LLC. With no headbands, belts or straps, Night Runner PRO Shoe Lights enhance your adventure without getting in the way.

The two ultra-light, rechargeable, 300 lumen LED light units provide advance warning of trip hazards and make the runner instantly visible to traffic. The patent pending, bi-lateral design features 270° of visibility with two rear-facing red lights making the user visible from all sides. The shoelace position of Night Runner places the light down low where you need to clearly define potential hazards. The Night Runner PRO will be the first in the industry to provide visual performance feedback through “Flash Alerts” by way of Bluetooth/smartphone integration.

Our Services

Digital Marketing
  • Social media promotional strategy
  • Facebook boosted post targeting
  • Created update strategy for previous and current backers
  • Wrote Kickstarter copy
  • Managed running influencer promotion
  • Kickstarter layout
  • Timeline graphic
  • E-newsletter design
  • Social media content and banner photos
  • Wrote script for backer video
  • Worked with outside video team on edits
  • Spliced video for social media reuse
  • Subtitled video
  • Lifestyle adventure photoshoot
  • Photo editing