Yampu Tours

In 2017, Beachy Media in partnership with Please and Thank You Motion Pictures travelled to nine cities in Colombia to film and photograph promotional marketing content. The videos provided potential travelers a quick snapshot of tour packages offered by Yampu. Concurrently, Beachy Media developed a marketing plan for a crowdsourced video campaign using content from Yampu’s travelers around the world.

Yampu Tours has been the proud recipient of the World Travel Award for South America’s Leading Tour Operator for an amazing 5 year run.

Yampu Tours specializes in customized itineraries to South America, Africa, Central America, India, South Asia and Southeast Asia. Yampu was created by a Peruvian man and an American woman who, after exploring Latin America together, decided to share their passion for traveling with the rest of the world. Whether your interests are in historical cultures, sightseeing, wildlife safaris, luxury travel, or adventure, Yampu will build a personalized itinerary for the trip of a lifetime.

Our Services

  • Produced, directed, shot, and edited
  • Created highlight reel for Colombia travel
  • Created Instagram-specific clips for #Yampeak series
  • 15 separate location shoots
  • Edited photos for promotional materials
Digital Marketing
  • Created third-party “Film Festival” Facebook campaign
  • Generated campaign to target previous Yampu customers
  • Created e-newsletter strategy
  • Created social media promotion strategy